MARKER VFX is a team of professional artist. We specialize in Rotoscopy, keying, Matchmove & all kinds of paint, removal and prep work (wire, marker and rig removal, cleanups).Located in Mumbai. Over the years, we have worked with many studios as their extended division to save them time and money

We do…

MARKER VFX is always there to help you regardless of what your budget is for your prestigious project. Whether it's feature film, a TV show or an overnight TV commercial, we will not let you down. We can even do test shots for you, if you want to get to know our workflow and how we do it.

At MARKER VFX our passion for quality and creativity combined with our ability to package multiple services allows us to deliver both Schedule and Budget efficiencies.

We use our eye for detail to ensure your project is done right At MARKER VFX, we understand firsthand that the quality of your content is direct reflection of your work.